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What We Do

Publish Your Ebook

Create, Publish and Sell your books worldwide on Amazon, IBooks and many more.

Transcribe Your Sermons

Convert your Sermons, Interviews, Q & A Sessions, TalkShows and Serminars to Apps and Ebooks.


Publish your Devotionals, Bible Study(s), House Fellowship Study Manuals, Sunday School Books and other teaching resources as Apps.

Book Scanning

We talk to a lot of authors who want to publish an eBook, but only have a printed version of their book.

Book Promotion

The marketing tools you need to get the word out about your book and build a loyal readership base.


Publish your Newsletters, Magazines, Music and other rich literature resources as Apps.

Professional Ebook Conversion Service

We provide Professional eBook Conversion Services for Authors & Publishers.

In order to sell your book as an eBook, you must first convert your document to a format that can be read by eReaders. We convert your Word, PDF or other popular digital document to produce the highest quality files for viewing on every eReader, tablet and smartphone.


We create eBooks compatible with all major eBook retailers including: Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Christian ebook stores, Overdrive, Google, Ingram, Gardners and many more. Our service is friendly, professional and fast.


You provide your manuscript to us as a Word Doc, PDF, or InDesign file and we produce eBook files for your review within 10 to 15 days.

Interactive Ebooks

You can engage and interact with your readers through the integration of interactive and graphic elements such as : Audio, Video, Image gallery, Quiz, Polls & Questionaires


We also provide print book scanning service, to create eBook files from hard-copy versions of your book.

How It Works

Our experts thoroughly check every file to ensure your eBook works perfectly on every eReader.

  • Send to us your final edited and proof read manuscript or content.
  • Use a consistent method of paragraph and line formatting throughout your document.
  • Send to us your ebook cover design.
  • Our professionals will manually convert your manuscript to the two main approved ebook industry formats
  • We convert graphic elements such as charts, graphs and tables.
  • We require payment before conversion process is initiated.
  • We'll produce eBook files for your review within 10 to 15 days. If you spot anything that needs changing we can update the files and send them back to you for further review. Please note that if you request significant editorial changes after the conversion, there is likely to be an additional cost.
  • We will distribute your eBook files once you are satisfied with work done. We offer a global eBook Distribution Service that manages the upload of your eBook files and metadata to major eBook retailers.
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Your eBook – on sale around the globe

Our eBook distribution network delivers truly global coverage and offers an opportunity for your eBook titles to reach both established and developing eBook markets.

You earn a healthy royalty of 90% on net sales

We introduce your eBook to readers worldwide through the extensive reach of popular eBook retailers.

We distribute to :

  • Amazon kindle
  • Apple iBooks
  • Google play book
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Kobo
  • OverDrive
  • eChristian.com and other christian ebook stores
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Reflowable Format

There are currently two main formats in use in the industry: ePub, which works with almost every eReader, and .mobi, which is used by Amazon's Kindle.


The Mobi format is the type of file that Amazon recommend for reading on its hugely popular Kindle family of devices and apps.

Reflowable Mobi files will work across all Amazon Kindle devices (such as Kindle Paperwhite eReaders and Kindle Fire tablets) and Kindle Reading Apps (including Kindle for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, Kindle for PC and Kindle for Android).


All the other major eBook distribution channels accept ePUB files. This includes Apple (iPhone, iPad and Mac), Google Play, Kobo, OverDrive and Barnes & Noble (NOOK devices).

Reflowable ePUB files are widely accepted by online distribution channels and in addition to being supported by eReader and tablet devices produced by eBook retailers such as Apple, Kobo and Barnes & Noble and Google.

Fixed-Layout Format

We produce eBooks in fixed-layout formats suited for creating eBooks with complex designs, and image/graphic-heavy books. Types of eBooks in the fixed-layout category include:

  • Children's picture books
  • Cookery books
  • Graphic novels
  • Travel guides
  • Restaurant guides
  • Company reports and annual reviews
  • Academic publications
  • Text books and learning materials
  • Business guides

Fixed-layout eBooks offer much more in way of formatting and layout than standard eBooks, and fixed-layout titles can closely replicate the layout of a print PDF or InDesign file.

Currently, this service is only offered for iBooks.

The marketing tools you need to tell the world about your book

Promotion is very important for independent authors. After all, what good is getting your book on Amazon if no one knows to look for it? We offer you a web shop with our basic eBook conversion package to get the word out about your book and build a loyal readership base.

Other promotion services include:

Web Shop

This includes an ecommerce online shop where you can display your books and sell direct to your readers.


Promote your books through multimedia tools such as video ads, newsprint ads, television ads, audio jingles, social media, seo and content marketing.

Create your book as an application

Avoid limitations and restrictions of ereaders. Make your books as an Android, Apple IOS , Windows and Web App with distribution to billions of readers worldwide.

Pricing starts from ₦70,000 Get Started

Sell your Book App on the world's biggest app stores

With thousands of apps added daily to mobile app stores worldwide, we publish and distribute your book apps to GooglePlay Android Store, Amazon Android App Store, Anointed Christian App Store, Samsung App Store, Other Android App Stores, Apple Itunes App Store and Windows App Store.

You earn a healthy royalty of 70%

Are you a seasoned author?Have you written 10 books or more?

Get yourself an integrated book app store built , customized and personalized for you.

Enjoy the benefits of:
  • Readers rentention
  • In app sales
  • Book library
  • More revenue and many others

Engage your readers

You can engage and interact with your readers through the integration of interactive and graphic elements such as :

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Image Gallery
  • Quiz
  • Polls & Questionaires

Other Services

Sermon App

Create an app for your sermons and special periodic services of your ministry such as convention, special monthly or annual services and so on.

  • Convert your sermons to app
  • Get your sermon app in text, audio & video
  • Make your sermon app a collection of series of messages preached over the years
  • Convert your talk shows, serminars and Q&A to app
  • Features include:
  • bible text link
  • lesson category, sermon search
  • easy navigation, clear ui design
  • testimony and prayer points
Pricing for sermon transcription to text starts from ₦8,000 per 1hour of audio file
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Bible Study App

Are you a bible study teacher?Do you write devotionals?Do you love teaching the word? Get a bible study app for easy access to bible lessons for bible students.

  • Convert your teachings to a study app
  • Get a periodic devotional app
  • Make a periodic bible study app
  • Features include:
  • bible text link
  • lesson category
  • lesson search
  • easy navigation, clear ui design
  • quiz
  • easy to use content management system
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Prayer App

Are you into prayer ministry?Get a prayer app for your prayer points.

  • Prayer category
  • Prayer list
  • Sharing function
  • Clear concept UI
  • Bible link
  • Search
  • In-app sales
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Magazine App

Create a magazine app with weekly, monthly, half-yearly , quarterly and annual issues.

  • Create magazine app with periodic issues for your church, group or ministry
  • Create newsletter app with periodic issues for your church or ministry
  • Create program app bulletins
  • Features include :
  • bible text link, archives, testimony, polls, quiz
  • advertising, bible dictionary integration, program calendar, sermon
  • subscription & registration, audio&video, prayer points, in-app sales
  • design templates and easy to use content management system
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Our Prices

This includes converting, publishing, distributing and promoting your ebook worldwide through Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Christian ebook stores.

Starting at ₦55,000 Get Started

This includes creating your book as an android , apple ios & windows app. We will publish and distribute your book app via the Google play store, Amazon App store, Samsung app store, Apple Itunes store & Windows app store.

Starting at ₦70,000 Get Started

Book App Custom Integrated Library Store Contact Us

Recommended for multiple book authors

Google play store developer registration fee - $25 & Apple itunes developer annual registration fee - $99

Book App [android] + Ebook Bundle

₦100,000 Get Started

Highly Recommended

Fixed Layout eBooks are a popular format for certain eBooks that require their images and text to be fixed to exact spots on each page just like their printed book counterparts. This package includes conversion of your high-resolution PDF file into an Fixed Layout eBook designed exclusively for Apple iBooks.

Starting at ₦35,000

₦500/page after the first 50 pages

This is service is in addition to the Ebook Conversion
We work with you in creating a custom layout that aligns with the message and title of your book.

Starting at ₦15,000

Additional charges apply for submissions with more than 70 pages

Our graphic artists will design an attractive cover that reflects the title and message of your book.This will make your book easy to find in the retail stores by readers.


We'll convert all your graphic images including photographs, artwork, illustrations, graphs, tables, and charts.

50 FREE image conversions

₦500/page after the first 50 images

This service includes press releases for new or existing books as well as video ads and placement of ads on relevant media channels.

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We also recommend an online landing page (mini-ecommerce) website for your ebook. With this, you can sell directly to your readers and make your book easy to find by search engines.
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